imagine anton calling you in the middle of the night confessing his feelings for you then being embaressed the next morning about it

imagine watching movies with anton and like as you get though the movie you start getting more and more tired and you just fall asleep on him but you dont know and he wakes you up after all the movies are over and hes like im sorry i didnt want to wake you up but you feel bad and your heads like in his lap and he put a blanket over you???????

imagine waking up to Anton in a big white fluffy bed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and you play Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 on repeat and he just strokes your side and you sit in your underwear and he strokes your hair and cuddling and nose boops and rain and morning sex and dancing around in the kitchen doing fluffy things ;u;

imagine anton buying you lots of delicious sweets and having you sit on his lap as you eat them so he can feed you some of them

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QuestionCan you do more ageplay? Pls? Answer

certainly uwu

imagine anton roughly pushing you up against the wall and making out with you

imagine anton being a dirty fucking russian in your bed

Imagine Anton treating you like his homework: slamming you onto his desk and doing you all night.

Questionnew fave omfg bless Answer

omg omg i’m glad you like this so much